Every property is different, here is a list of factors to consider for Sellers when getting ready to list a property.

1.     Over Pricing.

While listing slightly above market value is not a problem, most buyers are quite well informed of house prices in the area where they are shopping. They can spot an over-priced property a mile away. Get at least 3 valuations / assessments from agents who have recently sold in the area and then be realistic with your expectations. Remember, buyers will probably see all the properties for sale in that area that compare to their specifications where you will only see yours. 

2.     Accessibility.

The property needs to be easily accessible for buyers to view. Take factors such as loadshedding into account for late afternoon / early evening viewings. When properties are listed many websites will send our email notifications to potential buyers who would then like to see the property as soon as possible. If they can’t get access, they will move on to the next one. 

3.     First Impressions.

Sellers must imagine being that buyer, arriving for a viewing at their house. First impressions are very important. The outside appearance, entrance of the complex / estate or the driveway, the street appeal, pavements, garden etc, gives a good indication of the overall condition of the property. 

4.     Defects / Maintenance issues.

Apart from the mandatory disclosure document that must be presented to potential buyers, obvious maintenance issues can have a negative impact on the viewing experience. Where possible avoid the following:

a.     Cupboards where the doors are hanging skew, hinges are broken off etc.

b.     Rust on steel window frames especially in the bathrooms.

c.     Damp / mold spots anywhere in the property.

d.     Ceiling stains from possible roof / geyser leaks. Even if the leak has been repaired, rather get the ceiling done prior to listing.

e.     Water leaks in the kitchen or bathrooms.

f.      Leaking taps inside or outside.

g.     Doors, sliding doors & windows that are not closing properly. 

h.     Blinds that are not working.

i.      Curtain rails hanging skew or that are pulling out of the walls. 

j.      Flaking, dirty, cracked walls.

k.     Automated gates & garage doors not working.


5.     Take note of the following:

Although it is not realistic that a property must be in “showroom” condition 24/7, sellers should take note of the following:

a.     Declutter: Pack away as many unused items standing around in the house as possible.

b.     Open the curtains and windows so that more natural light and fresh air can come into the rooms. 

c.     Make sure the garden is neat and maintained, dog poop picked up, dustbins, black bags and garden tools must be placed out of sight etc.

d.     If there is a pool and it is covered, the cover should be open so buyers can see the condition. The pool should be clean and pool cleaning equipment operational.

e.     Cupboards: Keep in mind that some buyers might ask if they can open the cupboards in the kitchen and or bedrooms to see the cupboard space etc. 

f.      Avoid the following:

  • Overflowing dustbins.
  • Toilets than are open. 
  • Dirty dishes in the kitchen.
  • Dirty floors / carpets.
  • Rotten fruit in baskets in the house.
  • Old, wilted flowers.
  • Bad odors anywhere in the house.
  • Clothes lying around in the rooms.
  • Unmade beds.
  • Washing baskets overflowing.
  • Overfull cupboards causing doors not to close. 
  • Counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms covered with bottles, toiletries, medication etc.

6.     Pets.

Pets are part of our lives and in many houses seen as kids / people living in the house, but they can also have a negative impact on the viewing experience for a buyer.

Consider that not all people are dog / cat lovers, and some people are extremely scared of dogs, even small ones. To be safe, keep pets out of sight / reach of buyers until you have assessed the situation. If you have big dogs that might not be used to strangers, better to keep them on a leash or closed in a room or the garage so that buyers can also see the garden etc. Cat litter boxes can also be a problem as many people will immediately smell that when entering the house and can put them off for the rest of the visit.

7.     Certificate of Compliance (COC).

As the seller, you are responsible to issue the Transferring Attorneys with the following compliance certificates prior to registration (where applicable):

a.     Electrical COC for the house.

b.     Electrical COC for an electric fence.

c.     Gas compliance for permanent gas installations. 

In addition to this, the Offer To Purchase will most likely say that all electrical installations has to be in a working condition. This will cover gate and garage door motors, swimming pool / jacuzzi pumps, ovens etc. Sellers should make sure these are in a working condition unless otherwise specified in the disclosure document. 

We trust that the above will be helpful and will assist in a quick sale of your property. 

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