As part of our rental management services we regularly have to notify and remind tenants to make sure that their short-term / household content insurance are in place in case of theft or damage. The same goes for any homeowner. 

When staying in a property, be it in a complex, estate or single residential home, it is important to note that your personal belongings are not covered through the normal homeowners / building insurance in case of fire, theft, floods, water damage etc.

As an example .... if there is a roof leak due to roof tiles that are broken or moved when it rains, or the geyser is leaking and because of that water comes in through the ceiling and lands onto a PC, TV, laptop or other electronic enquipment or items etc. damaging those items, your personal insurance will have to cover such damage as long as you have cover. The homeowners / complex insurance will cover the fixing of the roof, geyser, ceiling, cupboards, floors and any resulting damage to the property itself. 

Your personal short-term / household content insurance will have to cover damage to your personal belongings. It is very important to confirm this with your insurance company / broker to make sure that specific items such as TV's, Laptops, PC's and other electronic equipment and items are covered and also if they need to be specified in the contract or not. 

Same will apply in the case of theft, where any damage to the property due to forced entry etc. will be covered by the homeowners insurance and your personal belongings will be have to be covered by your own insurance. 

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